Thursday, March 30, 2006

Twenty songs from 1989

Wherein More Details are available

Chicago? Donna Summer? Alice Cooper? Hey, the 70s called and they want their malaise back.

I like Bette Midler, but can’t give her a pass on this one. My father-in-law went to grade school with Bette Midler, maybe I should scan a picture.

Saw Anita Baker in concert. She showed up about an hour late, dunk off her ass. Still sang well. She has this thing where she holds her arms out and spins around...kinda like an airplane. Don't know if she normally does this or if it was the booze talking.

Grade: C-

Bad songs = crossed out
Great songs = bold

1. Look Away, Chicago
2. My Prerogative, Bobby Brown
3. Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Poison
4. Straight Up, Paula Abdul
5. Miss You Much, Janet Jackson
6. Cold Hearted, Paula Abdul
7. Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler
8. Girl You Know Its True, Milli Vanilli
9. Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird, Will To Power
10. Giving You The Best That I Got, Anita Baker
91. Poison, Alice Cooper
92. This Time I Know It's For Real, Donna Summer
93. Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson
94. Heavan Help Me, Deon Estus
95. Rock Wit'cha, Bobby Brown
96. Thinking Of You, Safire
97. What You Don't Know, Expose
98. Surrender To Me, Ann Wilson and Robin Zander
99. The End Of The Innocence, Don Henley
100. Keep On Movin', Soul II Soul


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