Friday, May 19, 2006

little willies

Wherein it isn't that horrible song from the 70s - little willie wiilie won't go home try telling everybody but willie won't go...and if that song is now lodged in your head that means it's finally out of mine.

Meant to write up a big review of the band Little Willies, but I'm out of time. So, in short, it's damn good and you should go buy it. The only name I recognize is Norah Jones and she and the rest run through some amazing western swing. The other guy singing reminds me of Lyle Lovett; so if you like Lyle Lovett music you'll love this.

Most of the songs are covers--excellent ones from Kris Kristopherson and Willie Nelson. Also not to be missed is the original "Lou Reed."

Lou Reed
We were drivin through West Texas
The land of beef and pork
Where they tend the hides of leather
We wear back in New York
In a pasture, along a roadside
Behind a brokedown shack
On the dusky side of evening
We saw a figure dressed in black

And we don't mean to sound like we're trippin'
But we swear to God
We saw Lou Reed cow tippin'
Cow tippin'

Hey Lou, "Is that you?"
She said as we pulled to the shoulder
He just said, "Go screw."
And then he turned and tipped one over
Under a spit shine Western sky
The color of blue varnish
Hey man it's like Fellini
Actually I'm thinkin more like Jim Jarmusch

And we can't say how much we've been sippin'
But we swear to God
We saw Lou Reed cow tippin'
Cow tippin'

I got cops on the cell
I said I got a little story to tell
Lou Reed is in the cow pen
They said, "Oh no! Not again!"

And we hope our perception isn't slippin'
But we swear to God
We saw Lou Reed cow tippin'
Cow tippin'

Cow tippin'
Cow tippin'
Cow tippin'
Cow tippin'
You really think that was Lou Reed?
Cow tippin'
I'm sure it was, he was wearing black Levis
Cow tippin'
I thought he was a vegetarian
Cow tippin'
He's just tippin them over, he wasn't eating them
Cow tippin'
Cow tippin'


Blogger reader_iam said...

Be all that as it may, "Little Willy" is one of the songs to which I learned to shimmy.

These days, I don't dance out like that anymore.

But I sure as hell remember.

vh: dayrkpu

5/20/2006 11:32:00 PM  

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