Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rock Star preview

Wherein much use is made of dramatic music

Watched the web episode. Much more fallout from last week's tearing down of Dilana. About half the show continued with this theme and showed her breaking down in front of the cameras. In an extreme melodramatic moment, she gestures at the cameras, throws a wine glass on the patio and stalks off. Unfortunately, Magni was in the way a shard of glass ricocheted off his bald head. We never saw the extent of the damage, but much was made about how out of control Dilana was. The editing even pulled off the Emmy-worthy feat of making Lukas sound reasonable.

Also shown were the rockers at a photo shoot. Storm did her usual stripper crawl in lingerie, because she's all about the stereotype. Magni was shown being difficult. Honestly, I was quite sympathetic towards his portrayal as the photographer was insisting on dumb stunts. Too many of these guys have worn "rock star" as a fashion statement and it was refreshing to see him turn it down.

For viewer choice songs, I remember two (the wiki entry lists the songs they'll be singing). Lukas will be doing Nirvana's Lithium, a song he doesn't like and also one that Dilana killed with in week one [youtube]. Dilana is performing Tracy Bonham's Mother, Mother. This should be very good...and it should be since she's had a lot of practice with it. On her website is an mp3 of Mother Mother she recorded with her band in the Netherlands. There are a few other songs and what's interesting is that the style she displays on her website is very different from how she's performed on the show.

The question now: is there a method behind the Dilana editing or is she just giving them too much good material to waste? I look back at last year when JD was constantly cast as the bad apple for dramatic effect, but by the time it was apparent the band considered him a frontrunner it was too late to reverse course. This year, Dilana has been the consistent favorite since week 1. So for choices we have:
  • She's a horrible person and we're finally seeing her true personality
    • making her a good fit for the band, or
    • paving the way for her removal

  • Selective editing to make her look bad to:
    • add drama to what's seen as a forgone conclusion, or
    • the band has turned on her and is trying to kill her support


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