Thursday, November 30, 2006

A quiz from cubicle row

Wherein let's assume I'm just making this up

Scenario: you are hired as a temporary contractor. You can be fired at will and since much of what you'll be working on is highly collaborative, ability to get along is valued. At the end of your first day you realize you just have a twenty and need change for the bus.

When you ask if anyone can break a twenty and the answer turns out to be no, should you respond with:
  1. Thanks, I'll get change at the gas station around the corner.
  2. Could I borrow a buck or two and pay you back tomorrow?
  3. You people are poor!

For the [fictional] record of this [fictional] scenario, let's assume that the [fictional] people in the [fictional] question did collect the [fictional] bus fare and did not say "At least we all have cars to drive our poor asses to our jobs."


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