Thursday, September 06, 2007

No. Not ever. Never

Wherein their coffee also sucks

Coffee 2.0, Starbucks integration “When you get near Starbucks a fifth button will come up in the WiFi music store — you may have been in a Starbucks wondering what song is that playing? Now you can buy it with a tap of your finger”

That's considered a selling feature? Even discounting the Zune-like hackery of partnering up with lameass caffeineted beverages and small hard drives (yes, I know it's Flash and there are battery life considerations, but I don't want to choose my music I want to load all of it, and screw you, Lileks, with your daily device), there's also the 15 things iPod touch is missing: iPod touch is NOT iPhone without the phone. No Bluetooth? No Google Maps? No email? What the hell good is this thing.

I'm grumpy because I really, really wanted to want one and I can't come up with any reason to talk myself into it. That's the problem with raised expectations. I hoped Apple would deliver the world and all I got was North America.

Funny: (Wonder if Starbucks will burn CDs the same way it burns its coffee beans?)

Also funny: Anyway, it's been a pretty good week. We're screwing everyone in sight. We screwed you. We screwed AT&T. We screwed NBC. Man oh man. I feel like Ron Jeremy. Or is it Bill Gates? If we make it to the end of this week without angry picketers chanting outside our campus I'll be shocked.


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