Monday, February 11, 2008

Ribbons and threads and glittery geegaws

Wherein that is if glittery geegaw isn't too redundant

Another tale from the Food Whore:
"Well I know everyone is willing to deal..."

"Well not everyone. I am willing to deal, so to speak, if you are not comfortable with the price given. We can make adjustments to the menu to meet your needs."

"But you want my business, right?"

"Well I want to work with anyone who wants to work with me. It is not always a right fit - this is a very personal thing. And if we don't mesh - we don't mesh. But the price is the price."

She looked at Her Mother, who tilted her head a little, and began writing again.

Arguing about trees falling in the forest:
A key idea of the heuristics and biases program is that mistakes are often more revealing of cognition than correct answers. Getting into a heated dispute about whether, if a tree falls in a deserted forest, it makes a sound, is traditionally considered a mistake.

So what kind of mind design corresponds to that error?

A lot of people have access to a lot of information about Sylvester the Cat:
Someone once told me that Sylvester the Cat is the biggest loser in the cartoon universe, and I couldn't really argue with him....So what are some Sylvester victories, however small and fleeting, that come to mind? And is there another cartoon character with a worse track record?

Quick quiz; my answers:
1. calorie
2. Hubris
3. just guessing, either Little Cuba or Little Havana
4. Haiti
5. Egyptians

Toobworld Roy Scheider:
When it comees to his TV characters, Scheider's work as Captain Nathan Bridger will probably have to be relegated to an alternate TV dimension. I never watched the full series, but during those few I did see, I kept thinking that it would never fly in the main Toobworld, that there were too many discrepancies in its depiction of the future that would need reconciling.


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