Thursday, February 21, 2008

Would you like that answered alphabetically, chronologically, or in order of importance?

Wherein the title is a line from my favorite improv performance

Brian gets cranky about people using the phrase That's just wrong on SO many levels. And I agree the retort should be, "List some."

Normally this is the space where I'd use that as an intro to riff on a few pet phrases that, by definition, irk me, getting increasingly crankier and using increasingly more profanity until the gentle reader is concerned for my health and their ability to view the site in a work environment that, by definition, doesn't include a two drink minimum.

If I were really on a roll, I'd insert a Neal Stephenson quote. I think there's actually something useful in Cryptonomicon that would take a more, by definition, supportive stance on these sort of things.

But playing the chronically peeved while riding the high horse of uber-outrage as if I'm some kind of, by definition, cosmically doomed lovechild of Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks takes a fair amount of energy. And I'm tired. Maybe I should change the blog name to "Lollipop farting ponies" and see where that leads me.

Shoes, I still have to do the shoe survey.


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