Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TC8_EP8-10 Top Chef Performance Chart of Charting Performanceâ„¢

Wherein these numbers are an amazing reflection of what has passed and not necessarily of what will be

Since it's been a few weeks since I've posted one of these, I've kept the last three chefs shivved by Padma.

To recap: -4 for packing your knives, -2 bottom of elimination challenge, -1 bottom of quickfire, +1 top of quick fire, +2 top of quickfire, +2 top of elimination, +4 winning elimination

Richard is the most consistent, no major screwups; Dale is a bit schizo, with big highs; Carla is coming up nice and steady; Antonia is stronger than her number; Mike has no traction; and Tiffany can't get in the game.

About Antonia, in two team challenges her team was on the bottom. But going by judge's comments her dishes might have been in the top if it had been an individual challenge. For a What if, if we redo those two scores, instead of -4, she'd have earned a +4. Adjusting her score would now give her 14 points and third place.

  • Dale 19
  • Richard 19
  • Carla 11
  • Antonia 6
  • Angelo 5
  • Mike -1
  • Tre -1
  • Fabio -3
  • Tiffany -7


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