Friday, June 17, 2011

Hashtagging twitter

Wherein he was a very busy director

Combining the popular #describeyourpeniswithamovietitle with #JohnFordmovies:

The Tornado
The Fighting Gringo
The Trail of Hate
The Soul Herder
Straight Shooting
The Secret Man
A Marked Man
Bucking Broadway
The Phantom Riders
The Scarlet Drop
Hell Bent
A Woman's Fool
The Craving
Three Mounted Men
Gun Law
The Gun Packer
Riders of Vengeance
The Last Outlaw
Ace of the Saddle
Rider of the Law
The Prince of Avenue A
Hitchin' Posts
Just Pals
The Big Punch
The Wallop
Sure Fire
Little Miss Smiles
The Village Blacksmith
The Face on the Bar-Room Floor
The Iron Horse
Kentucky Pride
Thank You
The Shamrock Handicap
Napoleon's Barber
Riley the Cop
Strong Boy
Men Without Women
The Brat
Doctor Bull
The Lost Patrol
Judge Priest
The Informer
The Prisoner of Shark Island
The Plough and the Stars
Wee Willie Winkie
The Hurricane
The Adventures of Marco Polo
Four Men and a Prayer
Submarine Patrol
Young Mr. Lincoln
Drums Along the Mohawk
The Grapes of Wrath
The Long Voyage Home
They Were Expendable
The Fugitive
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
When Willie Comes Marching Home
Wagon Master
The Quiet Man
What Price Glory?
The Long Gray Line
Mister Roberts
The Searchers
Gideon's Day
The Last HUrrah
Sergeant Rutledge
The Alamo
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
How the West Was Won
Donovan's Reef
Young Cassidy


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