Monday, March 27, 2006

Next week we start on Diplomacy

Wherein Civilization, anyone? I have the original Avalon Hills board game

Amazing how smart and devious a four-year old can be. Earlier in the year, we’d picked up Kerplunk! as a birthday gift for one of her friends. Sitting on the table waiting to be wrapped, she wanted to play it, but took it well when we explained it was a gift. Told her maybe she’d get one for her birthday. Nothing else was said until a couple weeks later when it was mentioned her dad had a birthday coming up. She snuck off to her mom and whispered that maybe “we could get that game for daddy.” Great idea!

A few weeks go by, nothing else is said. Then the mother is heading out for some shopping. The child, once again, sneaks off to whisper that mom could “stop at Target and get that game with the balls and sticks.” But it’s not his birthday, yet. “That’s ok, we could play it tonight.”

And so we did. It’s a surprisingly suspenseful game and I could easily see adding shots of tequila to the rules. I think we’ll take it to the beach (St. Augustine) with us. Another fun game for a group of people I’ll take is this game. And maybe this or that (the German edition with an English copy of the rules. Probably need to pick up another fighter kite or two, as I destroyed one last year. The Flick looks nice and I do need some new linen line.


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