Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rock Star: The Baddening

Wherein this sucked so hard there was a color shift

Lukas sang with the band. After two bad songs this one almost sounded good. Too bad theypicked a singer who sounded like he was belching the alphabet. Toby got the encore. Good, he deserved it and gave another great performance.

Last week I ranked Storm as the next to go followed by Ryan. So it was no surprise seeing them in the bottom three. Also considering how the show has dumped on her, justifiably, no surprise to see Dilana there, as well. I actually enjoyed Ryan's Tuesday performance and Storm gave what I thought was her best. So how'd they do tonight?

Ryan did something to The Who's Baba O'Riley. I wouldn't call it singing, all I can really say is that it made me physically ill. Go watch Jordis from last season; now that's good stuff. So I'm thinking Storm has to be safe as there's no way anyone could be as bad as Ryan.

Storm picked Helter Skelter. I was worried when she claimed it as the first punk song. Then as The Wife put it, "How can she be flat and sharp at the same time?" You got me. All's I know is that she stunk up the stage almost as much as Ryan. What should have been an easy elimination, just turned competitive.

Dilana hasn't had a truly bad performance yet and picks Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads. Ooh, I'm thinking, this should be good. Good fucking god, she's been possessed by Zayra. How else to explain such a weirdly fucked up performance. She's given the band a clear opportunity to ditch her.

Frankly, all three were so bad they should all be sent packing. Dilana, with that one performance, burned all my good will towards her. She will not win. Based on the negative comments she's garnered, mostly from Gilby, I'm still expecting Storm to go. Ryan is picked, so I guess he's off to work on his Mr. Roboto retrospective.

Two more weeks and this abomination is over. Storm probably goes next week. I'll pick Toby to win the whole thing. I'll watch, but I'm probably done writing about this.

To wash Dilana's performance out of my head, here's David Byrne from Stop Making Sense performing Psycho Killer:

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