Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lost podcast 3/28/06: Lockdown

Wherein I present six bullet points

  • Written by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.
  • "A couple huge pieces of mythology in this episode."
  • "We're closing some doors, opening some others."
  • Hinting we'll soon find the truth about Henry Gale.
  • "Sets in motion the last act of the season."
  • Hanso Foundation website is down for remodeling. An internet project will start in May. You'll have to watch the show and what happens in between the show - between the acts of the show. This internet experience will launch during the show in May. It will be a pathway that will lead to a lot of information about the show that we won't get to on the show. It's not behind the scenes stuff either. It's cool mythology, it's real storytelling. We hope it will satisfy the desire for new material over the summer.

Additional thoughts:
  1. This internet project thing sounds interesting, but personally I'm afraid they're asking for more of a commitment than I'm willing to invest. I love the show and don't mind checking out a couple sites to discuss plots and theories; however, a summer long goose chase over the internet is not something I have any interest in. If the only way I will understand what's going on in Episode 1 of Season 3 is to spend 5 hours a week deciphering puzzles, then I'm jumping off the train right now.
  2. Sounds like this project mainly involves the Hanso Foundation. If so, I'm assuming we will know quite a bit more about Hanso as this season ends. Possibly even why the Lostaways are on the island. I think we'll learn what about all six hatches. Going back to the Zeke Ethan hallway conversation in What Claire Saw, I think we'll find that Desmond is the superior they were talking about - he was still in the hatch at that time. I'm not puzzling out the connection, but I think the important thread holding everyone together is Desmond and Jack.
  3. These might change after tonight's episode, but here's my two most likely farfetched predictions for how this season will end:
    • Everything has occurred as seen and either the crash was accidental or created by Hanso. Either way, the show ends with the Lostaways thinking they've been rescued, but in the cliffhanger, we find out it's just another aspect of Hanso and this ain't good.
    • Plane did crash and everyone is in a coma. This Hanso business is just an advanced medical study to help cure coma victims. The Lostaways are being led through subconcious tasks to enable them to regain their conciousness.

  4. It was previously reported that Darren Aronofsky would be the director for Lockdown. This is incorrect. He is busy on a movie and hasn't had the time.


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