Friday, July 29, 2011

Abandonment issues

Wherein after sacred crows I pretty much ran out of ideas

  • Abandon your sacred cows

  • Abandon your scared cows

  • Abandon your saccharin cows

  • Abandon your sacred crows

  • Abandon your sacred dhows

  • abandon your family *

  • abandon your long-term investment goals *

  • abandon your good standards and common sense *

  • abandon your previous style missteps *

  • abandon your tea-party colleagues *

  • abandon your regimen *

  • abandon your pets *

  • abandon your goal *

  • abandon your Ministers and your Synods *

  • Abandon your apprentice *

  • abandon your comfort zone *

  • abandon your poor Eugenia *

  • Abandon your pomp, your banquets, and your costly entertainments *

  • abandon your whaling *

  • abandon your march toward freedom and free markets *

  • Abandon your claim to any additional water *

  • abandon your person to his lascivious embraces *

  • abandon your scheme of marriage *

  • Abandon your grief *

  • Abandon ship

  • Abandon hope all ye who enter here

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse -- 32 months

Wherein she could sing

Amy's first appearance on Nevermind the Buzzcocks aired on March 8, 2004. She's cute, funny, and personable. American comedian Rich Hall is one of her team mates and makes a few jokes about heroin addicts. Specifically about heroin addicts having nice hair.

Her next appearance aired November 16, 2006. Just 32 months later and Amy Winehouse is a big-haired, tatted up whack job. Thanks Rich.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks S14E10 (Part 1)

Never Mind The Buzzcocks S14E10 (Part 2) /

Never Mind The Buzzcocks S14E10 (Part 3)

Amy Winehouse on Never Mind The Buzzcocks S19E04 ~ Part 1

Amy Winehouse on Never Mind The Buzzcocks S19E04 ~ Part 2

Amy Winehouse on Never Mind The Buzzcocks S19E04 ~ Part 3

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Body parts as band names

Wherein a short list



Big Head Todd


Soft Cell

Lothar and the Hand People

Nine Inch Nails

The Violent Femurs


Barbara Mandible

Toni Basal ganglia

The Replacement Hips

Iggy Hypophysis

The Nasal Brothers

The Rolling Kidney Stones

Wu Tang Clavicle

Emerson, Lake, and Palm

Gladiolus Knight and the Pips

Hall and Throats

Ulna and Oates

Cochlea Twins

The Ramonspubis

Vas Deferens Halen