Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"spelling out lengthy numbers"

Wherein works for me

one. Whatshername from E.T. and she has a new movie coming out. But E.T. was probably the year nineteen hundred and eighty-one and she was probably younger than seven. So it's probably someone else.

two. zero?

three. dk

four. dk

five. telescope

six. France

seven. Rap songs.

Monday, September 28, 2009

"The soul is what I will contest"

Wherein rereading Mark Helprin's Freddy and Fredericka because well ONE it's an entertaining book and easily read without being fluff and TWO to remind myself that he doesn't always and maybe rarely writes stupid crap

Lord Psnake is speaking to Lord Didgeridoo:
These are modern times. One murders differently. I will murder them with headlines, and my dagger will be speech. My poison will be the half-hidden mockery in a sentence read by millions, forgotten, and then recalled unknowingly by the reading of a sentence laden with half-hidden contempt. Their bodies shall be untouched. I will assassinate only the public persona, which, though it cannot be touched and has no weight, which though it merely floats through the imagination and has only the ethereal blood of words, exists nonetheless. When we kill the public persona of a man, his physical body, though it may not die, reels and retreats. He goes to ground as if wounded. He breathes hard. He thinks only of rest. He surrenders and is grateful to live out his days in obscurity.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I don't NEED your charity vote, Virginia!"

Wherein can we please go back to the drought now

1. ohio
2. greek
3. Take a walk on the wild side
4. IBM
5. Ark
6. DK
7. At least I've seen most of these. Something about applying lipstick without using hands.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm wrong about everything

Wherein mostly

1. cancer. I always check medical questions against the lyrics of UTFO's Roxanne, Roxanne:
She said "You call yourself a doctor?" I said "This is true."
She said "Explain to me really what doctors must do."
I said "This is very rare because I don't say this every day
There's a million medical skills a doctor displays
Dermatology is treatment of the skin
Infected and you'll see me and you'll know you're again
There's anesthesiology, ophthalmology
Internal medicine and plastic surgery
Orthopedic surgery and pathology
A disease involves a change of the body."
She said "Ooooh, that's very unique."

2. Anderson
3. 2010: A Space Mayonnaise
4. Stone
5. Leslie Stahl, Diane Sawyer
6. That's funny.
7. Based on North Carolina and Vietnam I'm going with vinegar-based bbq.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Musical Rebus #11

Wherein ignore the stuff in the background


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Beautiful words should be immortalized

Wherein Benner I luv yu man wait are you a man Hell, if you're a woman I luv yu twice as much

Benner, commenting at ALOTT5MA on a new Kennedy Center honoree:
Bruce Springsteen. Not deserving in the least. For all the records he's sold, he is one of the least influential artists on the scene. Musically, he's essentially conservative and, basically, boring. Lyrically, he's a more literal Bob Dylan whose occasional forays into metaphor territory end terribly badly, a la "Born to Run." He's brought a lot of people happiness, for certain, but he hasn't done a single thing to contribute to the arts or culture, qua arts and culture. At least Little Steven has the underground radio show, for example. And the very notion of a lifetime award means he's getting at least partial credit for "Lucky Town" (album and album cover).


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day after Labor Day

Wherein otherwise known as DALD

1. Crap, it's probably that Vermont ice cream company....Chuck & Cheesey? No, Ben and Jerry's. I like their ice cream, for the most part. They just tend to load it up with too much crap and unfortunately this has influenced almost everyone else. I just want ice cream. Flavors are fine, the occasional bit of fruit if that's the kind of ice cream it is, maybe a nut or two if it's in the name, otherwise I'm tired of dealing with giant chunks of stuff that not only hide the taste of the ice cream but often are of greater volume than the ice cream. All I want is ice cream.

2. Whoever she is, I bet she's dead.

3. I'll come back to this one. Alright, I googled Rubus looking for a hint and I got the entire answer. Reminds me I need to order some of these to plant. Also had a cobbler of same yesterday at lunch. We tried a a BBQ restaurant in Kennesaw we'd heard good things about. It was entirely meh so I won't mention it's name. If you're in the area there are other BBQ joints I would recommend.

4. No idea. I wonder if it's a reference to Duke Ellington? He is a musician and was frequently mentioned in a movie I just saw. "At this time in his life, he said that he lived on "red peppers, cocaine and milk"."

5. I'm going with NBA. Supersonics just moved to some Cowtown state -- Oklahoma or Nebraska. Utah has the Jazz. And the third...don't know, but the answer is NBA.

6. Pelican

7. something about the red in the flag.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Slurpee is a disgusting word

Wherein none of these have been verified though I do feel good about 3, 4, and 6

1. Porsche
2. WKRP in Cincinnati
3. Raping, pillaging, bootlicking
4. July 11
5. I've heard Julie & Julia has a cat in it, so I'll go with that.
6. North and South Korea
7. Good question, no idea.